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Do you have closet shelving like this?

wire shelving

You don’t want it to end up like this…

wire shelving disaster

Start out the right way, the safe way, so you can end up with this! (Plus the design is super affordable and is a world of difference from wire shelving!)

walk in closet
melamine shelving

The Problem With Wire Shelving

Most houses come with cheap wire shelving, which can be disasters waiting to happen. They’re often not secured into the studs of the wall. That combined with flimsy material make them prone to collapse.

If you’ve ever heard a closet collapse, it’s certainly unnerving! On top of the loud crash, you’ll be greeted to an overwhelming mess of your belongings. Another common story is when you squeeze that one item onto the wire rod or overloaded shelf and it reaches a tipping point…and an avalanche of clothing comes crashing down. Every homeowner knows how much of a pain this can be!

Our Advice

The biggest piece of advice we give homeowners is to be proactive! Have closet preparedness in mind so you can avoid situations like closet collapses.

The Solution

My Custom Closet has come to the rescue for many closet disasters! We install beautiful, sturdy custom melamine closets that are safe. Our experts secure them to the wall or floor and into the studs of the wall, making sure they won’t come crashing down. These shelves end up being so much more durable than their wire counterparts.

Another plus is the turnaround time! Simple designs that are still major upgrades from wire shelves can be fixed quick – sometimes within days depending on your needs and location.

Other times, a closet collapse is a perfect excuse to finally get the closet upgrade you’ve been dreaming about for years. In these situations, we would draw up plans with you and have your new stunning, functional custom closet installed within weeks.

Ready to treat yourself to an upgraded, lifetime guaranteed closet?  Contact My Custom Closet today for a free consultation.