Why It’s Worth It To Upgrade To A Custom Closet

Ever hear of the saying “the cobbler’s children have no shoes”? How about “the wife of a custom closet owner has a totally lame closet!” After 30 years of wedded bliss and 18 years of owning My Custom Closet, this wife/business partner finally got a closet upgrade!

Why did it take so long for my husband Bryan, the owner and designer for My Custom Closet to design and build me a better master walk-in closet? It’s actually more my fault. I was complacent with the closet layout that had been left by the previous home owners. I was lazy and knew gutting my closet would be a daunting task, but in the end it was completely worth the effort.

With the upgrade, I can finally relate to our clients who rave about my husband’s designs and their new closet installations! At last, I understand the client who says she opens the door of her new closet numerous times a day just to admire it.

Here are a few benefits I discovered after upgrading my closet:

Learn To Love Your Wardrobe Again

My wardrobe is like new! Buried deep within the depths of my archaic walk-in closet, I found pieces I had completely forgotten. With the new closet design, I can actually see and enjoy everything I own. This is a great alternative to purchasing an entirely new wardrobe of clothes and shoes.

Customize Storage And Displays

A newly designed closet allows you to display more of your apparel investments. Because your apparel is “staged” in a much better way, your current belongings are highlighted due to better organization, solid shelving, backdrops, solid hanging rods, organization accessories, etc. We highly recommend matching hangers for a uniform, organized look. As an additional perk, I feel more efficient when I pull together an outfit for the day because everything is easier to find.

An Efficient System

Storing everything and cleaning the closet becomes much easier. Every item now has a place, which saves a lot of time putting away clothing. Simple things like valet rods I love – they keep things off the floor and enable you to easily put together an outfit for the next day. This reduces the frustrations from clutter as well. 

Utilize all vertical space in the closet with ease. A footstool can be used if needed. There are many decorative folding styles that will look great in the closet and enable you to reach all vertical space with ease.

Design A Space For Your Needs

Make the closet your space and highlight what you love. If you have a lot of accessories, install drawers to store them. If you need more space for winter clothing, designated racks can be designed hanging your coats. From the fluctuating weight that comes from having 6 kids and other life changes, one of the greatest benefits for me was creating room for more clothes!

Purging, donating and refreshing my closet was the best start to 2020! I have now moved on to other spaces and I’m looking forward to creating many more efficient closet spaces throughout my home.

If you’re considering a custom closet, contact us to schedule a free consultation.