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organization-quizSure, being organized makes you feel happier and more in control. What are other payoffs? Here are some organization tips according to researchers and other gurus:

  • Organized people earn more.
  • Organized people are more likely to be promoted on the job.
  • Organized people accomplish more, in part by wasting less time.
  • Children of organized parents do better in school than others with the same IQ.
  • Children of organized parents will earn more as adults.
  • Uncluttered homes sell better.
  • Uncluttered spaces leave room for what’s important.

You deserve a life that works better! That’s why now is the right time to seize the moment, declutter, and get organized. Here are some steps you can take right away:

1. Set Up Systems That Really Work

The truth is, no matter how much we weed out and organize, there are always tasks that must be done. The key to keeping everything going is to make our systems so simple, it’s easy to get those repetitive tasks finished. In real life, things don’t have to be neat to be organized. They just have to work well for you.

2. Spend Time On What Matters

Once effective systems are put in place, life’s mundane details take a lot less time. Then, magic will happen. You’ll feel better about your life, your space, and your work. And you’ll have time and energy for the people and projects you care about.

3. Let Go Of Excess Baggage

baggageHow much “stuff” (information, paper, clothes, gadgets, furniture, space, etc.) does anyone really need to be happy? Anything more is just getting in our way. Organizing helps you let go of things that aren’t actively adding to your life.

4. Free Your Mind

These days, life is throwing things at us right and left – papers, information, technology, and lots of “stuff.” It’s so easy to get sucked into the whirlwind! To make the most of life, we have the right to choose what to keep and what to ignore. Organizing frees your mind of the extra chatter and clutter that’s jangling around in your brain.

5. Unleash Your Creativity

We all want the freedom to take advantage of the opportunities life presents us. Imagine grabbing hold of an exciting option when it comes your way or choosing a new path entirely. Or, picture what it would be like to follow the same path you’re on now, only calmly and peacefully.

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