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Most people store their most valuable items in a safe, such as important documents, jewelry, and money. They often keep their safe in one of two places:

  • The master bedroom closet
  • The coat closet

Contrary to popular belief, this is not always the best place for your valuables! If you’re going to use this storage option, it’s important to carefully consider how to hide a safe.

where to put a safe in a house

Thinking Like A Burglar

Before choosing where to keep your safe, it’s important to consider your house from a burglar’s point of view.

Once a burglar enters a home, the criminal immediately makes their way toward the master bedroom. Typically, they are looking for jewelry and hidden money, which are stored in the master bedroom or the master bedroom closet.

Another place burglars tend to start is in a mudroom or a home entry space. These are a hot spot because it’s where wallets, electronics, and handbags are often stowed away. Home offices are also a popular starting point because burglars know that they will likely contain computers, phones, and televisions.

safe in cabinet closet

How To Hide A Safe In Your House

Now that you have begun to “think like a burglar,” you need to outwit the burglar. The best place to hide a safe is in a space that makes no sense.

Safes should be hidden in unexpected places. For example, these are a few places you wouldn’t expect to find a safe:

  • A large walk-in pantry
  • Basement storage
  • A linen closet

Another creative example we’ve seen is this card-activated vent safe. It offers many benefits:

  • It can be mounted to any wall
  • It blends right in with the rest of your room
  • It’s easily opened using an RFID locking mechanism. Just hold your FOB along the top and it will unlock.

All four of the above locations are better places to put a safe than in the master bedroom.

Not-So-Hidden In Plain Sight

As closet designers, we often find ourselves having to design a custom master closet with a safe in mind. For example, the image on the left is often what people picture when thinking about storing their safes in their master bedroom closets. It’s unfortunately a very obvious location that a burglar would spot immediately.

Although storing a safe away from your master bedroom may feel “odd” at first, you can have greater peace of mind that your custom closet will not be destroyed.

If a burglar should enter your home, they will be trying to beat their way into accessing a safe that is neatly “built-in” to the surrounding custom cabinetry. We all want to keep our professionally installed closets intact and “safe” so they can last us for years to come.

Interested in building out a custom closet of your own? Contact My Custom Closet to get started!