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Do you have an “extra room” in your master bedroom suite? In model homes, these spaces are often shown as additional seating spaces with a TV or something along those lines.

Since people are spending more time in their homes, they are becoming more creative, thoughtful, and intentional with these spare rooms. Many homeowners are turning such spaces into:

  • Home offices
  • Workout rooms
  • Walk-in master closets

Take, for instance, this spare room that we recently redesigned into a walk-in closet. The homeowners of this Oley closet space wanted to combine elements of traditional and contemporary appeal. The result is an abundance of storage, simplicity, and elegance.

As the owner and designer at My Custom Closet, I’ve seen countless homeowners transform extra rooms into walk-in closets. Since this continues to be a popular way to utilize extra space, I want to share insights on how to make the most of your walk-in closet.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or revamping an existing space, these key elements will elevate your closet experience:

  1. Cabinet doors and drawers
  2. Natural lighting and windows
  3. Seating and furniture within the closet

The Power of Cabinet Doors and Drawers

Some walk-in closets don’t require doors or drawers, but there are cases where they’re essential.

You can see that this walk-in closet has no door to close off the entrance. Without doors, the entire closet remains visible at all times.

That’s why we incorporated cabinet doors and drawers. They not only maintain a tidy and serene look but they also add a touch of elegance.

Additionally, this client can experience a sense of mental serenity because their items are out of eyesight. Cabinet doors create a sense of order and keep dust and light away from clothes which preserves their quality.

Natural Light and Windows

If you’re fortunate enough to have a window in your walk-in closet, embrace it! Having a window in a closet is always a huge plus as it adds natural light to the space so you can see your items and colors more easily. 

Here are a few additional reasons why a window can help elevate the space:

  • Visibility: Sunlight reveals true colors, helping you coordinate outfits effortlessly.
  • Ambiance: A well-lit closet feels inviting and uplifting.
  • Room-Like Feel: With a window, your closet transcends its functional purpose, becoming a cozy nook.

Extra Furniture

This single piece of furniture also creates more of a “room” vibe rather than a “closet” vibe. For this walk-in closet, the addition of a bench was perfect because it added warmth to the space. Plus it’s practical for obvious reasons.

Do you have a room in your home that’s begging for a transformation? Our team of experts at My Custom Closet is here to help you unlock its full potential. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.