Creating An Organized Virtual Student Work Space At Home

As summer comes to a close, many parents are getting ready to send their kids back to school. Although this year looks a little different with many students throughout Pennsylvania attending virtual classes, Fall is still the best time of year to get organized for a seamless transition back into the school year.

If you’ve put off organizing for some time now, the best time to begin is now – weekday mornings are about to become a lot more hectic! With a well-organized space, you’ll be able to find things quicker and create a calming environment for family members to get work done from home.

Planning on having your kids home for a while? The positive side to distance learning is that you don’t need to spend a ton of money on a new Back-To-School wardrobe. You’re also most likely saving on multiple Staples, Walmart or Target runs for school supplies.

You may need to now redirect your attention towards a better workstation for your “stay at home” students. Here are some of our suggestions to create a dedicated workspace for remote learning:

Setting A Designated Area For School Work

Each individual student will need a dedicated workspace to put them in the right mindset to start the school day. This space should have a comfortable chair, good lighting, and enough desk space for school supplies like laptops, textbooks, pens, chargers, notebooks, or any other tools that might be needed.

Compared to a traditional brick and mortar school, there may be more space for working at home. Some homes might have room to add a comfortable chair or beanbag for breaks and relaxation.

On the other hand, some families have become very creative when house square footage is low. Closets and alcoves have become workstations.

Kids and teens are also getting creative and enjoying decorating their own work stations and study nooks. See the pictures below for ideas for decorating the workspace: 

small kids work desk
small desk in bedroom

Location And Design of The At-Home Workspace

The best method to designing your own workspace for your kids is to start from your kid’s closet and work your way “out.” Get their clothing and belongings organized – donating, or tossing anything that they’ve outgrown.

From there, it might be a huge space saver to replace a dresser with a desk in the bedroom. We have found that many families can ditch the dresser with a professionally designed closet space.

A closet system designed with built-in drawers can help to increase storage space and decrease the need for a dresser or other units with drawers. There are many different types of drawers for closets such as basket pull outs and fabric lined for accessories. You can save up to $300 with our BOGO Drawer Special!

Move everything out of the bulky dresser into your perfectly designed closet space and replace the dresser with a desk. With creative design, organization accessories, and a little “flair”, you can make a wonderful, quiet retreat for focus and study.

Below are some examples of closet drawers. For one open concept closet designed and installed in Skippack by the My Custom Closet team, the extra storage allowed the family to add a desk in the room. The other picture is an example of closet drawers in a smaller sized space. 

closet and office desk
smalled closet with drawers

Have a “bonus room” in your home? Is one of those rooms part of a Master Suite? Convert that to a work-study room. How about an attic space or a finished basement room? These are perfect new areas for the work-from-home student.

One of the best things you can do for your family this school year is to have a plan to stay organized. With everyone in a household having a place to call their own, you’ll further motivation and productivity when it comes to getting work done.

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