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Imagine stepping into a cavern-like room, its vastness swallowing up your belongings.

Now picture that same space with some custom shelving, elegant cabinet doors, and a central island.

That’s the magic of custom closet design!

In our most recent project, nestled in Oley, PA, we converted a large room into a practical, usable closet. It was such a large room, it was practically begging for an island.

But the challenge here wasn’t just about creating a specific aesthetic – it was about functionality and making the most of the entire space.

The Island Solution

We realized that adding an island would achieve a few things:

  1. Additional Storage: The island provides extra room for shoes, accessories, and folded clothes.
  2. Visual Appeal: It’s not just functional; it’s a stunning centerpiece that elevates the entire closet.
  3. Folding and Organizing Space: The island top doubles as a convenient surface for folding laundry or organizing outfits.
  4. Everyday Essentials: Think of it as a landing pad for keys, bags, and other daily items.

In just one day, we redesigned most of the room. The island top, cabinet doors, and drawer fronts are still in progress, but our clients can already move their belongings in. The custom-made doors, meticulously wrapped in thermofoil (laminate), will soon complete the space.

Our approach prioritizes the framework — the structural backbone of each custom closet. Even if doors and drawer fronts arrive later, clients love this timeline because they can use the space while it’s being finished. Why wait for the entire order when you can enjoy your new closet sooner?

Plus when we install the final components to this incredible master closet, the homeowner will not need to worry about moving all their belongings out of the space. The installation won’t leave behind sawdust or any residue – our team uses clean drop cloths as they work and finishes the job with a final wipe-down of the cabinetry.

Stay tuned! In just a couple of weeks, we’ll unveil the finished masterpiece.

If you’re considering redesigning your closet, our team can help you map out a plan that maximizes your space. Contact My Custom Closet today to start planning!