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At My Custom Closet, we don’t let anything stop us from delivering our best work to our clients. Even on snowy days when most people would stay home, we’re ready to hit the road and tackle a challenging project if a client needs us.

We recently got a call from a Parish located outside Philadelphia asking us to design and install a storage space for their Rectory. They had been struggling with a cluttered and chaotic room, where gowns, robes, and other items for church services were piled up on rolling racks and scattered on the floor.

They needed a solution to make their space more functional, accessible, and aesthetically pleasing. We came up with a simple but effective design plan:

  1. Get everything off the floor
  2. Clear a space in the center of the room
  3. Designate wall space for each category of item to live permanently
  4. Install new melamine shelving to provide their team with space to store everything

The result was a stunning transformation that made the Parish staff happy and proud. We added shelves, rods, cabinets, and drawers to create a customized space that fits their needs and preferences.

They could now easily find and store their items, and enjoy a more peaceful and orderly environment. They also appreciated the professionalism and dedication that we showed throughout the project. Plus the quality of the materials used in this project will ensure their new setup will last for decades to come.

Helping Individuals, Families, and all Members of Our Community

Custom storage isn’t just for homes; any space that needs a boost of order and beauty can benefit from it. The majority of our jobs are residential, but we still love getting the opportunity to help clients upgrade public and commercial spaces.

My Custom Closet has been in business for 22 years now and this recent project for the Parish was a “first” for us. We are grateful for the opportunity to work with their Church and to show them the benefits of having a space specifically designed for their needs.

If your home, office, or Parish could benefit from a custom closet, contact us today for a free consultation. Our team can help you identify your needs and determine a layout that would work best for you or your organization.