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Running a successful family business is a rewarding experience. You get to do what you love, serve your community, and create lasting relationships with your customers. At My Custom Closet, we are proud of our work, quality, and customer service.

But we also know the challenges of competing with other businesses that don’t share our values. They use unethical and manipulative sales tactics to trick customers into buying their products or services.

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Two of the most common tactics are:

  • Deceptive pricing – This is when a business inflates the original price of a product or service and then offers a discount or a special deal to make it seem like a bargain.
  • Pressure tactics – These are when a business tries to persuade you to make a decision quickly, without giving you time to compare options or think things through.

There are two tactics that we just can’t bring ourselves to do. These strategies take advantage of customers’ emotions to make them buy something they may not need or want. They also create distrust and dissatisfaction among customers who feel cheated or pressured.

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At My Custom Closet, we believe in treating our customers with respect and honesty. We uphold the golden rule – we treat others the way we would like to be treated. Instead of reverting to deceptive tactics like the methods mentioned above, we focus on:

  1. Transparency
  2. Flexibility
  3. Respect

Transparent Pricing

When a customer receives a quote from us, they will see the full cost. This includes everything. For example:

  • Boards
  • Accessories
  • Pieces of hardware
  • And any other items included in the design

We are fully transparent. We don’t have a “list price” and a “special price”. We just have a price.


We understand that different customers have different needs and budgets. We try to accommodate their preferences and expectations by offering them various options and alternatives. We don’t force them to buy something they don’t want or can’t afford.


We are respectful of our customers’ time and space. We don’t pressure them to sign contracts on the spot or make hasty decisions. We give them time to think things over, compare options, and consult with others. We don’t harass them with phone calls or emails and we don’t use emotional manipulation or intimidation.

Buyer Beware

Schemey marketing tactics not only happen in retail settings, but they’re also prominent in other industries like home improvement, travel, and entertainment. Anytime someone is trying to sell you something and there is competition surrounding such a business, product, or service, you may come across some selling schemes.

As the saying goes, “Buyer Beware”. Maybe their deal price is the regular price of a competitor. But it’s always best to get a few quotes or shop around before you make a decision.

So How Can I Avoid Tactics Like These?

To learn more about how to avoid deceptive pricing and pressure tactics in small business marketing, check out this article that explains how to spot and resist these techniques. It will help you become a smarter and more savvy consumer in any industry.

Additionally, it can be helpful to be up front with salespeople. If you make it clear that you’re getting a few quotes, sometimes that will send the message out that you’re not going to be signing any contracts that very day.

This kind of open communication is helpful for the designer or salesperson and if they don’t honor what you say and still seem pushy, see that as a “red flag” and try hard to stick to your decision of needing some time before signing anything.

If you are looking for a trustworthy and reliable small business to work with on creating custom closets and other organizational solutions, look no further than My Custom Closet. By working with us, you can rest assured that you’re getting high-quality designs and services at a fair price without any pressure. Contact our team today to get started.