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You may think this is just a simple rod, but it can change your life. This inexpensive “game changer” is called a Next Day Rod or a Retractable Valet Rod.

A closet accessory like this can help you start the day with more efficiency and ease. Often we have clients who want more than one for their closet!


It comes in a variety of finishes, some of which are more modern looking while others do the trick just fine and don’t need to have “fancy” housing. Once it’s retracted, the Rod is often concealed by clothing.

The 1st image (above) shows a standard rod. A Rod like this is very durable and it can also hold typically heavier items like:

  • A warm, heavy jacket
  • Your favorite large tote bag
  • Or more than one outfit

If you need more convincing, we’ve narrowed down the top 3 most popular reasons our clients love their Next Day Rod:

1. You can set your clothes out the night before and save time in the morning when getting dressed. Pull it out to hang up clothes you want to wear or try on. Once you’re done, just simply push it back in when you’re not using it.

2. It’s useful for packing before you travel. You can hang a garment bag or anything else you are trying to organize for packing on it. Going on a trip could never be easier than putting the clothes you’re taking on your valet rod and having them in one place instead of all over the room. Many people find that by hanging up outfits together in one place it is easier to pack more efficiently. Plus, some clients of ours have found this helps them to not overpack!

3. It’s a handy place to hang dry cleaning when you bring it home. You no longer have to lay it down on the bed before you put it away. This can help ensure your clothes don’t get wrinkled. Just pull out your valet rod and hang up your clothes until you are ready to remove the plastic and put them away.