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Move aside, parents! It’s time to give your kids the closet they’ve always wanted.

Parents in Skippack came up with the perfect way to surprise their daughter after she returned from summer camp: a completely customized closet with a unique look to match her incredible personality.

Of course, they couldn’t do it without a bit of help, so they contacted My Custom Closet to discuss their options and schedule a free in-home consultation.

The color on the walls was perfect and really made the new white closet “pop”. We used doors with a very popular, new style of trim and mold. Adding such a streamlined upgrade makes the closet area and work space look high-end and truly customized.

Skippack Custom Closet

Another trendy addition to this Skippack custom closet was the bronze hardware, which transformed the typical white closet into an eye-catching installation with attractive finishing touches.

When the daughter returned home, she was so excited by this incredible surprise from her parents! She couldn’t wait to start the school year off well-organized and with a beautiful space to get ready every morning and do homework at night.

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Skippack Custom Closet Photos