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Gone are the days of tiny, cramped laundry rooms buried deep in dark basement corners!

A Royersford homeowner had a large utility area between their garage and kitchen. Rather than let the space go to waste, they called My Custom Closet and asked us to convert it into their very own custom laundry room.

We added two 30″ x 36″ enclosed cabinets to store cleaning products discretely. They’re conveniently located right above the washer and dryer, so there’s no need to bend down and rummage through cabinets or boxes for the products they need.

Royersford Custom Laundry Room

To the left of the machines, we installed an 84″x30″ open cabinet. This is the perfect space to store folded linens, which also frees up hallway closet space for other household items.

In total, this custom laundry room has nearly 40 feet of storage. What an amazingly efficient use of space!

If you’re as in love with this laundry room as we are, give us a call! We can help convert practically any space in your home into attractive, efficient storage for all types of lifestyles. Whether you need a magazine-worthy master closest, or a simple, convenience laundry room to complete your chores, we are here to help.

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