Reduce Clutter with Small Kitchen Appliance Storage

One of the most common issues with kitchen organization is finding the perfect space for small kitchen appliance storage. Mixers, microwave ovens, toasters. You name it; you probably have it.

Small appliances and kitchen gadgets are crucial to making some intrinsic meals. While these appliances aren’t totally necessary, they do make life easier, and sometimes healthier too.

Another added benefit of small appliances is that a lot are user friendly! Even a child can safely operate them to heat up their own food. In addition, these products are often very sleek and attractive, making it a difficult decision to hide them behind cabinet doors. Not to mention, easy access is always a plus, especially for heavy appliances.

Kitchen Organization Example 2
Kitchen Organization Example 1

The current trend for kitchens, particularly those exemplified on Pinterest, is to have countertops with zero “clutter,” meaning no small appliances left on the countertops. If you have a large kitchen with cavernous cabinets and a walk-in pantry, a “Pinterest kitchen” is attainable. However, if you are in a smaller, older home, it can be very difficult to enjoy small appliances while keeping the counters clear and spacious.

Managing Small Appliance Storage in Your Home

How can you have the best of both worlds with a clutter-free kitchen and an abundance of appliances?

Call our team at My Custom Closet for unique, “out of the box” designs and excellent installation skills. Our team is able to transform any kitchen into a “small appliance heaven”. If you have a vision, and some great inspiration pics to share, My Custom Closet owner, Bryan, and his team can make your organization needs a dream come true.

For example, next to a kitchen in a galley style laundry room was a vintage Pie Safe, pictured to the right. While the Pie Safe fit the decor of the home, it was not very practical. It stored all necessary baking items but the one central door made it difficult to access items. This space had a lot of potential to improve for small kitchen appliance storage, so My Custom Closet stepped in to tackle this project.

old appliance storage

The vision was to sell the pie safe and install a butcher block countertop with deep cabinets underneath and shelves above. Not only can the owner still store the baking items, but now house commonly used small appliances that will be used often. They are out and plugged in, ready for action!

We also created another small countertop station for small kitchen prep needs. These beautiful, small appliances are being appreciated and add both functionality and a beautiful appearance.

small appliance organization
small appliance storage

If you have a space that you believe could be put to better use, please give our team at My Custom Closet a call. My Custom Closet has been in business for almost 20 years now and we have been able to create unique organization spaces to fit thousands of client needs. Big or small, we love helping our clients make the most of their spaces in their homes.

Ready to have the cleanest spaces with the best small appliance organization? Contact our team today!