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If you don’t have a professionally designed and installed closet, chances are it looks like this:

The “dresser in a closet” is a quick fix to getting drawers in a closet. They’re often shimmied in under some wire shelving, adding to an incohesive look. Plus, wire shelving lacks the depth that drawers provide. And I’m sure we’re no stranger to overstuffed dresser drawers, which can also be a frustration to open or close. 

When you get your closet professionally designed and installed, you’ll benefit from much more than the aesthetics. Imagine drawers that glide open with ease and shelves that hold your folded items in place. Or how about a rod that is so solid, you could practically do pull-ups on it? My Custom Closet can easily transform a “dorm room” looking closet into a dream closet. 

This home improvement project will not only increase your home’s value, but adds luxury and ease to your daily routine! Contact My Custom Closet and opt for a professional looking closet today.