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Which of these 4 Pinterest pictures looks exceptionally perfect?

Why do you think they look so appealing?

What may be unrealistic?

Out of the 4 beautiful master closet pictures shown to the right, 2 of them are definitely incredibly staged. My Custom Closet designer, Bryan Fulop, finds this setup comical:

“Who has a closet full of only pink clothing? Who has a closet that is entirely white and beige? Who has a closet that is so sparse?!”

When looking at closets on Pinterest, be sure to step back and give them a “birds-eye view.” Ask yourself, “What is it that makes this closet look so amazing?” See if you catch yourself paying attention to unrealistic or staged photos.

It is nice to feel inspired by such photos and to get ideas from them, however be sure to note what is realistic and what is not. If you don’t, you will end up being disappointed when you see that a newly installed custom closet does not look like what you saw on Pinterest.

Most likely it was the unrealistically staged photo that set the bar far too high. The other 2 Pinterest photos are more realistic. You can have beautifully “staged” looks in your house while owning a closet full of various colors and patterns.

Keep all of this in mind when looking at pictures in the “inspo” category. Try to find images that make sense for your space, your belongings, and your lifestyle.

It’s fine to expect a new custom closet to look better than what your closet initially was like. It’s even fun to “stage it” with your belongings and to take some pictures. Just be sure to not compare the end result with some silly, unrealistic “inspo” picture you found online.

While getting a custom closet may not turn your closet into a flawless “inspo” perfect picture, it can help make your space feel more organized. Find out how you can make the most of your space with a custom closet by contacting our designers at My Custom Closet today.