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Those of us who have raised children know the importance of always keeping the house stocked with plenty of snacks.

When My Custom Closet’s latest client in Newtown Square found out they were expecting their first child, they knew they had to maximize storage space throughout their house. We helped them reorganize their closet space easily, and they were so thrilled with the result that they asked us to help them build a brand new kitchen pantry.

Custom Closet Trends - custom pantry

They already had the perfect amount of space reserved for a custom pantry. We were able to take advantage of every square inch, adding horizontal shelves for storing cans and bottles, and vertical shelves for cereals and pasta containers. We even added several wire baskets for sorting produce.

As they anxiously await the arrival of their first child, one thing they won’t have to be anxious about is whether they have enough space to store all of that baby food!

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Newtown Square Custom Pantry Photos