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Everyone loves the feeling of going into the new year well-organized! While you’re at it, here’s the perfect 2019 organizing resolution: keep everything, from backpacks to jackets and shoes, off of your floors and furniture. Instead, have them neatly tucked away in easy-to-sort spaces!

Let the experts at My Custom Closet design up the perfect organizing solutions for you!

Bryan and Jill’s Busy Home

A while back, owners Bryan and Jill Fulop were feeling frustrated as their 6 children and international student would quickly turn the kitchen and adjoining sitting room into a locker room, mudroom and library.

As each person would come home at the end of the school day, they would unload their belongings everywhere, ruining the tranquility of the house.

The home would go from tidy to chaotic within an hour. Not only was the household suddenly amped up with liveliness and activity, but the visual chaos became too much to handle.

Things were essentially thrown around the house like this:

Bryan and Jill love simplicity and organization so they saw this visual eyesore as a challenge and a great opportunity to counter with creative design, keeping in mind the flow of the household and the organization needs of each individual living in the home.

The Perfect Mudroom Solution

Some folks have the good fortune of already having a mudroom or laundry room as an entry point, usually located at the side of their house. The Fulop’s did not. Before installing an amazing mudroom with all organization systems in place, they had to back up one step and create the room first. The most efficient and budget-friendly way to do this was to build a wall to section off a portion of their large garage.

Once that was complete, they installed all the components required for their perfect mudroom. First focusing on storage for the kids, they put in a coat closet, lockers for the kids’ backpacks, spaces for sports equipment and musical instruments, shoe and boot storage, and shelves for school books and lunch bags. Next, they installed a spot for a large freezer, storage for oversized kitchen bowls and outdoor dining ware, and a lead-in to the laundry room and eventually the main house.

Simple crown molding, a built-in bench, cabinet doors to hide any clutter, and decorative touches make this room a pleasure to step into every time. Whenever they enter their home through the mudroom, they can breathe a sigh of relief as they see how neatly tucked away everything is.

The mudroom looks amazing

mudroom organization
mudroom organization

And all the clutter is out of the house!

By the time everyone makes it into the main house, everything has been put away, keeping order and tranquility intact … for the most part.

Does an occasional jacket or backpack somehow make it into the main house? Unfortunately yes, but the Fulops tackled that by placing a big “Lost and Found” tote in the cold garage. If things aren’t put away, especially by the end of the night, it ends up in the tote. Straggling items are silently dealt with, much to the dismay of whoever has to find their item in the “Lost and Found” in the cold, dark garage in the morning. It’s a genius solution!

They have yet to find an organizing solution to the everyday hustle, bustle and noise. But then again, who doesn’t love having active children around the house?

Genius Mudroom Ideas

If you’re looking for more genius mudroom ideas, we love the ones below! Staggered hanging bars are perfect for storing various sized jackets and coats. Metal pull out bins are great for gloves, hats and scarves. We also love the idea of having a board to pin on calendars, schedules and whatever else you want!

holiday closet cleaning
holiday closet cleaning
mudroom organization