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Being the mother of 6 children, numerous International students, and the wife of the owner and designer for My Custom Closet, incidents in the mudroom like the below are very frustrating.

The Solution To A Messy Mudroom

I don’t handle clutter and messes very well. In order to keep a sense of peace and sanity for myself and my household, I handle things in a unique, calm, quiet fashion. I can’t help but laugh a bit (slightly evil you may imagine) as I place the belongings of my lazy inhabitants into totes and place the totes in the cold, dark garage.

They quickly learn that they don’t want this to happen and usually vow to start cleaning up after themselves. Who wants to search for their favorite shoes or boots early in the morning before school? Plus the shoes or even jackets are quite cold. I refuse to put their things away – they are old enough to do this themselves.

Why It Works 

I have also used this method with dirty dishes, pots, pans, etc. If someone did not clean up their kitchen mess and are suddenly “MIA”, they will still face the work when they get home. The tote of dirty dishes, utensils, etc. will be found in the garage and they have to still deal with the cleaning and drying of such.

This method is great because I don’t have to look at the mess throughout the day and get angry, I just have the right amount of “out of sight, out of mind” going on in my household. A big note is out for the culprit as a reminder to take care of their garage tote. Usually, this method leaves enough of an impression to not do it again.

Other Uses 

You can use this handy “Tote It Up” method for many different applications. I have filled up totes with clothes in someone’s room. Clutter like dishes, trash, papers, books, etc not put away will ultimately get toted up and put in a corner in the room. The method works in messy bathrooms as well. I have empty totes of many sizes I use, depending on the situation. A kid has to empty the tote and put everything away before they are chauffeured by me, or anyone else, to their next preferred activity.

Mom will not “just do it”…it will be waiting for them upon their return. I am too busy….

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