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If you’re flipping a house, now is the perfect time to pay special attention to the closets!

My Custom Closet’s long-time customers have learned that firsthand. This impressive young couple has made a living flipping homes into gorgeous new high-end properties all along the Main Line and Philadelphia.

How To Maximize Closet Storage Space - Malvern closet

Recently, they invested in a property to flip for a very savvy buyer. The home buyer wanted to maximize all of the storage space available to them, especially the master closet.

Our clients immediately gave us a call for help. We were able to line the walk-in closet with shelving units of varying sizes. Each compartment was custom-measured to fit certain articles of clothing, with taller spaces for dresses, smaller shelves for shoes and folded items, and even compartments for duffel bags and accessories.

In the middle of the closet space, we built an island. In addition to creating the perfect surface for folding or sorting through articles of clothing, the island contains drawers on either side. This space is ideal for undergarments, ties, socks, jewelry, and anything else that the new homeowners might want to keep stowed away.

Our clients have done an amazing job flipping this Malvern house. The stunning walk-in closet designed by My Custom Closet is definitely the icing on the cake!

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Malvern Custom Closet Design Photos