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It’s summertime and the weather is perfect, meaning it’s renovation time for many homeowners!

One topic that always comes up during home makeovers is space. More specifically, how to share closet space. We all want our homes to look neat and tidy while storing away as much as possible. Closet space can become a bit of an issue, especially since most families or couples share at least one closet. 

how to share closet space

A ton of couples and families have approached our experts at My Custom Closet about sharing closet space. Sharing a closet is definitely doable!

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Before tackling that shared closet, these tips will help you maximize the space in a way that’ll satisfy all parties!

1. Whether you’re a couple sharing a master closet, or your kids are going to be sharing a closet, you’ll want to begin by making the most out of the space. That way, everyone involved knows what they have to work with. The best way to do this? Utilize that vertical space!

We found that a lot of couples want to hang their clothes and add shelves for bags and shoes. By going vertical, you could even make enough room for a closet island.

2. Talk to each other. Understand the needs of both people sharing the space, then plan the storage accordingly. It’s easy to think you have less stuff than your partner and vice versa. Let them know your priorities – this makes for much easier storage in the long run. One example we see often is when kids share a closet, they’re doing different extra-curricular activities. The best way to organize their closet is to talk to the kids first and figure out what they need so you can prioritize the space.   

3. Organize your closet together. You may realize one of you has more necessities than the other (and yes, your partner might just need all those shoes!). Keep in mind schedules and dressing needs. From there, you can decide what setup would be most efficient. Plus when you’re doing this together, your partner can chip in if they aren’t satisfied with the layout. This will save you from potential future headaches!  

4. Label your storage. For those of us who don’t have a Type A personality, this helps keep things in order. You can make every inch of closet space count by storing labeled seasonal items on vertical shelves. When it’s time to bring out those boots again, you’ll know exactly where you stored them. Again, vertical storage makes all the difference! 

Need help with your shared closet space? You can get an expert from My Custom Closet to come in during a free consultation to give you an idea of how to best plan a shared closet. We can help you design a beautiful closet that’s divided and organized efficiently – while keeping the harmony between you and the person you’re sharing the closet with!

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