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Getting ready in the morning doesn’t have to be stressful. Here are seven helpful tips from My Custom Closet for how folding clothes can get you a stress-free closet (here’s a hint: it actually involves so much less folding than you might think!)

1. Hang, hang, hang

Double and even triple hanging in a closet, using thin profile velvet hangers, is best.

It may surprise you to hear this, but both kids and adults are more likely to hang an article of clothing than they are to want to fold it up. This method will help keep clothes from piling up on the floor.

2. Use clear plastic bins and wide space shelving.

Using clear bins may not be as attractive as a decorative fabric open box, but it enables you to see what you have stored inside much more easily. If you only have time to toss clothing, at least you have a bin for it as opposed to making a pile on a floor or chair.

Another option is to use wire basket drawers installed in a closet. Labeling the bins and drawers can be very helpful as well.

3. Roll, roll, roll your clothes.

The KonMari Method has fast become a favorite way to store clothing items quickly and efficiently.

It’s easy and actually takes up less drawer space than using the traditional folding method.

4. Custom closet accessory pieces.

Items such as pull-out hampers, drawer dividers, and lingerie dividers help to sort laundry items.

They may also enable you to use them as something of a “sorter”, saving you fro folding if you don’t want to.

5. Get creative with your hangers.

Use shower curtain hangers to hang jeans or pants with belt loops on a closet rod/bar.

6. Separate your laundry

We’re not talking about sorting by darks and lights. Separating laundry by individual is surprisingly helpful.

By sorting laundry per individual in a household, you don’t have to waste time separating clothing items that were all thrown into the wash together.

Once you have all the laundry in piles by person, you can then sort them into categories such as “tank tops”, “shorts”, “camis”, “long sleeve tops”, etc. This sorting method lets you toss items from the same category into the correct bin without necessarily having to fold it.

7. Hire someone to do your laundry.

Or…even better…”train up a child” to fold joyfully and skillfully!

There are folding boards you can buy to help guide you or your helpers on folding clothes perfectly. This is a great investment for everyone, as it helps you develop a skill and to become more motivated in storing your clothing items perfectly.