New Year, New Designs: Home Decor Trends for 2021

2020 proved to be a year of unanticipated home improvement projects and new home decor trends.

For example, these homeowners in the Toll Brothers White Spring Community decided to make 2020 a year of organization. They added to their cabinetry and surfaces in the garage and hall space to provide the utmost about of storage options for their family home. In addition, they upgraded the color and texture of the cabinetry, adding a stylish look to the modeling.


While 2020 piqued the interest of homeowners across the country, we will continue to see more of these plans developed in 2021. However, a new year means even more new home decor trends.

Curious about what home decor ideas will be trending in 2021? Hear from the experts at 1stDibs. 1stDibs is an online marketplace for design, focusing on modern and antique styles. The online market recently published its fourth annual Interior Designer Trends Survey regarding consumer trends in the interior design industry for 2021.

The survey was completed by hundreds of interior designers around the world, and the results are in! Highlights from this year’s survey include the following home decor trends:

Pops of Color

Did someone say elegance? Topping the trends for 2021 is a color scheme featuring polished jewel tones. These colors include Emerald Green and Cobalt Blue or Navy. In addition, there appears to be a significant shift toward warm earth tones. Aside from green and brown hues, distinct warm earth tones include burnt orange and mustard yellow.

One With Nature

Lots of people attempted to spend time outside in 2020, resulting in a deeper overall appreciation for nature and outdoor furniture. 1stDibs identified the desire for homeowners to “bring the outdoors ‘in’” as seen with the addition of earth tone colors.

How else can you apply nature to your interior design? For starters, homeowners began to pay closer attention to outdoor spaces such as patios, porches, and covered house additions. This led to a major uptick in the amount of online shopping for home furnishings. But, when looking at the interior of their home, homeowners have started to implement organic, nature-inspired patterns and accessories to their rooms such as flowers and leaves.

Throwback Styles

Contemporary continues to reign supreme, as far as design styles go. While contemporary is associated with modern styles, this design technique dates back to the 1970s. Contemporary means simple, sophisticated, and neutral colors and textures. Coming in second and third place were Mid-Century Modern and Art Deco styles, proving that a return to classic 19th century techniques is a popular choice.

Looking Ahead

While these are highlights from the 1stDibs survey, there are more specifics to consider when looking ahead to 2021.

The most anticipated residential design change for 2021 was more outdoor spaces. Some of the popular additions include patios, porches, and terraces. Introducing more outdoor spaces received 78% of the votes.

Home offices followed outdoor spaces, receiving 76% of votes. Other top-ranked spaces for home improvements and upgrades included home gyms and wellness spaces, closet spaces, and organization storage compartments.

As people continue to make larger home improvements, they are also looking to remove junk or clutter from their homes. That being said, a continued desire for “minimalism” continues to be a trending tactic. In addition, the “minimalistic” approach applies to maximizing ease throughout your home. This leads to more “smart” homes, touchless appliances, and kid-friendly playrooms.

With all these trends in mind, homeowners are updating their spaces to a closed floor plan. This is a shift from the open floor plan that has been so popular over the past 30 years. The change comes with the added desire for privacy and working-from-home changes.

Designers, organization specialists, and home improvement experts are in high demand these days because people are looking for more of an “eye” and expert advice on good design and the best use of space. Our team at My Custom Closet is here to help you reach your home improvement goals this new year! Contact our team today to learn more about our services!