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It’s that time of the year – Thanksgiving is right around the corner and Christmas will be here before we know it! While many of us will be scrubbing down the rest of the house for holiday season, here’s another thing to consider: your closets!

It’s true, the closet cleanse is something most of us ignore until the last minute. But before stressing about other holiday things, here’s why it’s a good idea to clean out your closet this season:

holiday closet cleaning

Imagine coming home to a space like this!

1. Declutter And Create Open Storage Space

It’s hard to clean up around the house if you have nowhere to put your things because the closets are stuffed. Seeing those closets decluttered is a rewarding feeling, plus you’ll have more storage space to work with! You’ll probably find items to donate as you clear those closets up. This creates the perfect opportunity to spread holiday cheer and donate usable goods to a charity of your choice.

2. Transform Your Closet

After purging out old items, donating used ones and keeping a stack of must-haves, you may notice your closet is still in need of a deep clean. Scrubbing the shelves and perhaps even adding a fresh coat of paint or fun wallpaper can breathe new life to your closet. Ready to really impress your guests and take your closet to the next level?

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3. Finally Rotate Seasonal Clothing

Feeling overwhelmed by the mix of summer and winter clothing crammed into your closet? A cleanse means you can finally organize your clothing and rotate seasonal pieces. Imagine that sigh of relief you’ll breathe when you know exactly where those winter boots are!

4. Get Your Space Ready For Hosting

Impress your guests with a closet like this:

holiday closet cleaning

or this:

holiday closet cleaning

Since the holidays is the time for hosting, you’ll be needing more organized storage space than ever. A transformed closet will give your guests space to hang their coats, shoes and bags so that your house can remain uncluttered as you’re entertaining everyone!

5. Christmas Present Ideas

You can actually get some Christmas present inspiration as you clear out your closet! See what items you need to purchase as you purge. Your partner’s old handbag can be a perfect reminder for you that she needs a new one (we won’t tell them that you got that idea from us!).

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