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Having a student of architectural design in the house has been a fantastic learning experience for me. Often we envision budding architects learning fancy design software, CAD programs, etc. This, of course, is key to becoming a great architect but there is another enormous part of the architect’s and designer’s education and it involves “hands on” design. This begins with a pencil and paper, building models and developing your creativity and intellect in what many would think is the “old fashioned way”.

One of the great advantages of sketches for communicating the design is that they are a representation of the design decisions rather than a demonstration of them. This distinction helps the designer and client focus and evaluate the concept, structure, mechanics and dynamics of the space that needs to be designed for better organization and for aesthetics.


This has become the bedrock of my design process.

Designer Ryan Nance of Tradesey says it perfectly when he states, “For me there are, for every step along the way, two sides to every decision: the articulation of the idea and the communication of the idea. And partly because, just like writing longhand, drawing by hand accesses different parts of the brain and mind than similar activities on the computer. Having both the envisioning and analytical portions of the mind working together leads to greater creativity.”

I find that hand drawing in a client’s home is actually easier to create as we collaborate and we can easily make changes the “old fashioned way”, with a pencil and eraser, rather than having to use laptop tool bars and a mouse that can actually take a little more time.

Admittedly the 3D designs are impressive, however the end results are the same. When designing by hand, there is a more personal touch to the creative experience and you will see this throughout the entire process when working with My Custom Closet…all the way through to the final, beautifully finished organization space.

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