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Remember building forts out of blankets and pillows as a child? Or maybe you had a tree house in your backyard?

Those cozy hideaways were a perfect space to retreat to; a little world just our own.

I’m beginning to think that the desire for a haven never truly fades. Even as adults in our homes, that desire for personal space remains.

Closet Oasis
With the addition of a rug, this attic space will be cozy, practical and peaceful.

Our clients have been leaning into this more recently – many of them are requesting designs that allow them to take advantage of underutilized nooks and crannies.

This has included requests like:

  • A new vanity space
  • An attic with a small desk for writing
  • A shelving area for books and chairs
  • A finished shed or garage with amenities

Regardless of what it looked like, all of these designs have one thing in common: they include a space where people can retreat to get away from their family members and create their own private space.

Recently, some clients have transformed their closets into such spaces. These closets are elevated to the degree that they are sometimes referred to as Closet Oases.

What Is A Closet Oasis?

The definition of Oasis is: “something serving as a refuge, relief, or pleasant change from what is usual, annoying, difficult, etc.” It makes sense that a closet can serve as such a space.

These “Closet Oases” combine impeccable organization with comfort. Some feature lounging areas, minibars, and even flat-screen TVs. The spaces are beautified with unique light fixtures, marble, glass, mirrors, crown molding, specialty trim, and even custom hardware!

Closet Oases In Pop Culture

The concept of the Closet Oasis has even permeated pop culture. Take lifestyle influencer Rach Parcell, for example. She famously designed a custom closet space that doubles as a home office.

This multi-functional haven provides her with a designated area to retreat from the demands of family life, tackle creative projects, and simply unwind in a space that reflects her personal style. Her closet oasis is a testament to the growing desire for these kinds of cleverly designed sanctuaries within our own homes.

Going Beyond the Basics

Getting intentional when designing a room like this is critical as you want to be able to move about the space with ease. My Custom Closet owner and designer, Bryan Fulop, would be the ideal person to reach out to for this initial planning stage. He can help you identify how to design the space with all the elements you want while still keeping it functional.

But design can only take you so far. The owner has a critical role in making the space an oasis as well. These tips can help you maintain an oasis instead of just letting the space resort to a regular closet:

  1. Declutter: A chaotic space won’t be calming. Getting rid of unused items is the foundation for a peaceful retreat.
  2. Create a System: Organize your belongings by using shelves, drawers, and baskets effectively.
  3. Keep It Clean: Regular cleaning will maintain an inviting and cozy space.

Your Grown-Up Fort Awaits

A Closet Oasis is more than just a stylish upgrade; it’s an investment in your well-being. With a little planning and effort, you can transform your closet into a space that fosters organization, relaxation, and even a touch of escape.

This room can become your own personal hideaway, a grown-up haven where you can unwind and recharge. Start designing it today by contacting My Custom Closet.