Simplify Your Laundry Routine With A Family Closet

Organizing can be difficult and time-consuming. Running upstairs and downstairs between bedrooms, multiple dressers and drawers can require a lot of back and forth when putting laundry away. Luckily, a family closet can help! The family closet is the perfect organization solution for keeping everyone’s clothes in one spot, making everything easier to put away.

My Custom Closet recently completed a huge walk-in family closet project in Collegeville, PA. This Toll Brothers home had a large spare storage space over a three-car garage. Wide, unused spaces like this are perfect for a family closet.

As seen in the pictures, the space has been transformed with drawers, hanging racks, and shelves for individual clothing needs. When dividing up the space between family members, there are many ways to categories the “sections” of the closet.

Family Closet Section Ideas

  1. A section per household member
  2. A seasonal clothing rotation system
  3. By size
  4. By category of clothing items

Helpful Items For A Family Closet

  1. Washer and Dryer in the closet
  2. Hampers
  3. Ironing Board
  4. Island for Folding

If you’re on the fence about setting up one of these shared spaces, here are the top benefits of installing a family closet: 

11 Benefits Of A Family Closet

1. You Don’t Have To Haul Clothes All Over The House

Dirty clothes and cleaned clothes can stay separate but in the same room.

2. Laundry Actually Gets Put Away

No more piles of clothing sitting on a chair or dresser waiting to be put away!

3. Laundry Can Be Done Together

Having one room designated for laundry makes it easier for the whole family put everything away together. Also, the kids are more likely to help out! 

4. No Clothing Laying Around The House

All clothing items will have one designated room where they belong.

5. Quicker Morning Routine

The family closet offers the luxury of “one-stop shopping.” You can pick out your outfit and the kid’s outfits without having to travel between rooms.

6. Easier To Share Clothing

Teens in particular may become more accepting of sharing clothes from the same closet. This can potentially save money by lessening the need to shop for new clothes. 

7. Observe And Clear Out Pieces That Aren’t Used

Since all clothing pieces are visable, you’ll be able to easily see which pieces are getting used. This will make it easier to de-clutter pieces that are no longer worn.

8. Less Likely To Disturb Sleeping Family Members

You won’t have to go into a sleeping toddler’s room to put away clean clothes or wake anyone up when you need to change in the morning. 

9. Extra Space

The bedroom closets that are no longer used for clothes can now be filled with other belongings such as books and toys. As a result, rooms will be less cluttered.

10. Easier To Swap Clothing Sizes

As children grow older and change sizes, it’ll be easier to pass down clothes to a younger child without having to rearrange two separate closets.

11. Clean The Closet Quicker

Cleaning your closet will be less overwhelming because you only have one!

Family closets are commonly used by large families but you don’t have to have five or more kids to benefit from one. We believe anyone, with or without kids, can benefit from organizing all the clothing items in one place.

Thinking of adding a family closet to your home? Contact us today to get started!