Cutting-Edge Closet Design Trends

Large, walk-in closets have become one of the most popular closet design trends over the past few years. These closets frequently have space for all your clothes (hanging and folded,) shoes, and even jewelry. In fact, many newer master bedrooms have closets that are almost as big as another bedroom!

While closets used to be an afterthought, they have now started to become one of the most important rooms in a home.

With all this extra space, designers and homeowners have started to come up with some crazy closet organization and decorating ideas. Here are some of the most popular closet design trends My Custom Closet has worked with:

Upscale Hardware

Many newer closets include gold, silver or brass cabinet hardware and/or accessories. These details can add a customizable, polished look to the room. 

Closet Design Trends - Wayne 5

Bright Colors

With the expansion of the closet, there is more space to include design elements that were previously used only in a home’s larger spaces. Accent walls have become increasingly popular recently, and that trend has spread to accent countertops, doors, and drawers that can be found in the closet.

Contrasting Textures

In addition to using contrasting colors to accent a space, designers have started to use contrasting textures as well. A textured cabinet or drawer will pose a stark contrast to a smooth, wood-paneled wall. Metallic and mirror-like finishes are also beginning to make an appearance in residential closets.

Decorative Fronts & Doors

Shaker Style, Raised Panel, Traditional…these all very desirable closet design trends to complete the “look”.

Mirror & Glass Doors

Adding these types of cabinet doors can create a very “open” look to the closet and also provides the function of being able to view an outfit you are putting together or quickly locate items behind the transparent glass. Frosted glass is sometimes a preferred choice to give the custom closet a beautiful finishing touch.

Closet Design Trends - mirrors

Washer & Dryer

If you are getting dressed and undressed in your closet, it would make sense for you to have your laundry hamper in the closet, too. But some designers have taken this one step further and relocated the entire laundry room to the closet. Some newly-built homes have the washer and dryer hookups right in the master bedroom’s closet. This way homeowners can wash, dry, fold, and put away their clothes all in one room. Efficient? Yes — and a trend that was previously unheard of.

Closet Design Trends - Laundry 3
Closet Design Trends - Laundry 2
Closet Design Trends - Laundry 1 square

Built-In Shelves & Drawers

Even in smaller closets, it is becoming more common to include a built-in shelving unit and/or a built-in set of drawers. These shelves and drawers may or may not match the closet door and trim. Many designers choose contrasting colors or plain wooden features in order to accent the closet’s design. A combination of hanging sections and shelves can maximize your closet space.

Doorless Closets

Gone are the days of hiding everything behind closed doors. Many modern closets are so well-organized that they can become a stylish part of your bedroom.

Coffee Bar or Wine Fridge

It’s great getting ready in the morning or for an evening event without setting foot in your kitchen!

Cabinet Lighting

This does involved a trained electrician to be sure it is done correctly, but often this added lighting is helpful to see your belongings and colors more easily, as well as adding beautiful illumination to the space.

Flat Screen TVs

Sometimes clients love their custom closets so much, they like to linger and have TV on as they get ready. Why not catch the news, weather, and traffic reports as you get dressed in your walk-in closet?

Hidden Office Space

Sometimes we just need a quiet nook, especially as so many households have become “virtual” for work and school. A closet can sometimes offer the solitude needed to get work done. Check out our last blog post for some tips on creating a beautiful workspace in the closet!

Closet Design Trends - closet bar

In the images below, you can see several of these closet design trends implemented in a recent project by My Custom Closet

We were brought in to update a Carriage Home in a new development in Wayne called Wayne Glen by NV Homes. This master walk-in has a counter space for a coffee bar, a mirrored door, a jewelry insert, molded drawer and door fronts, and several other high-demand features.

closet design trends - Wayne 4
closet design trends - Wayne 3
closet design trends - Wayne 2
closet design trends - Wayne 1
Closet Design Trends - Wayne 5

We’re particularly fond of this space because it is high-end, without the excess of a “celebrity closet.” In other words, this closet is well within reach of us “normal folk!” The space is large, but not so big as to leave too much space with no purpose.

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