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We can’t get enough of this custom closet in Villanova!

My Custom Closet’s client was renovating their 40-year-old home and were lucky to have a master bedroom with several closets – but none had been properly organized.

They wanted some of the closets to contain shelves and storage spaces for their clothes and accessories. However, they had a very unique idea in mind for one closet.

Our client asked if we could create a “laundry closet” where dirty clothes could be held off the ground, freeing up the floor space where a hamper once stood.

Custom Closet Trends - Custom Closet in Villanova

This may seem like your standard custom closet. Wait until you see its hidden surprise!

They also asked if we could find a way to store an ironing board discretely, instead of hanging off a door or propped up against a wall. We came up with the perfect solution: a hidden ironing board inside of a beautiful drawer!

We found a foldable ironing board which was mounted to a pivoting platform. This platform was attached to a sliding rack. The now-compact ironing board slips seamlessly into the drawer and is hidden from view. What a creative idea!

This is why we love what we do. No two closets are ever the same!

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