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What has happened to the dressers, bureaus and armoires we used to see in homes? Are they becoming obsolete?

The quick answer is yes!

According to home designers and public preference, these age-old furniture items are being eliminated from bedrooms in order to open up space, create a minimalist environment and transform rooms into a zen paradise. Just see how spacious the rooms in the photos below look – thanks to a great closet! 

Millennials and baby boomers are both opting to “take it to the closet”. A beautifully designed reach-in or walk-in closet allows you to ditch clunky furniture pieces that clutter your space. Instead, it promotes a sense of peace and order as you have created amazing storage space within the depths of the closet alcove. 

Close the closet doors for a clutter free look or show off an amazingly staged closet as the eye-candy of the room! When you work with My Custom Closet, you get to decide what you want to shine and hide! Our experts will help you design the perfect closet.

Take a look at this custom closet design we finished in Skippack. The chest of drawers takes the place of a furniture piece. Plus, the rest of the closet speaks for itself! With all that storage space, from the drawers to the shelves and hanging bars, who needs traditional dressers and armoires?

Pay attention to design blogs, Pinterest and designer websites like House Beautiful. You’ll notice that 80% of the time, the chest of drawers and armoires are non-existent. People want simplicity, but the only way to achieve that is by being very wise with your closet space.

Want additional, wise closet counsel? Contact My Custom Closet today to get started on the perfect closet design.

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