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If you’re ready to custom build your dream bedroom closet, it can be difficult to know where to start. Here are some questions you might ask yourself first: 

Once you’ve worked out the basics, you can consider the specific pieces that will go into your dream closet design. Here are some closet customizations that may work well for your lifestyle: 

Folding vs. Hanging

Its likely you’ll want to do a mix of both with your new closet. Decide how much space is needed for folded clothes vs. those you want to hang. Start by taking a look at the clothes you already own and will take into your new closet – and leave extra space for any new pieces you may pick up throughout the years.

Double Hanging – The best way to make use of vertical wall space is by double and triple hanging. You’ll get twice as much space for shirts, blouses and pants by choosing a double hang configuration. If your ceiling height allows, you can even add triple level hanging bars.

Long Hanging – Don’t forget to count what space needs to be left for longer clothing pieces, such as coats and dresses. You need to devote at least 10% of your closet to long hanging space.

Other Clothing Items

Shoes – Whether you choose flat shelves, slanted shelves or cubbies, installing at least one will provide you with the space to organize and store your shoes.

Accessory Pieces – Do you want a valet rod, belt rack tie, rack, or jewelry drawer inserts? This also depends on the accessories you want to showcase and helps keep the smaller pieces from getting lost in the closet. 

Storage Space

Floor vs. Wall Mount – For a true built-in furniture look, choose a floor mounted closet system. Otherwise, wall mounted systems allows you to vacuum beneath and easily replace carpeting.

Hampers and Baskets – Choosing a hamper or basket makes the most of your space while helping to keep laundry off the floor and sorted.

Drawers – Drawers add the look of luxury to your closet plus offer a private solution to organize clothes.

The Final Touches

Cabinet Doors – If you want a really clean, streamlined look with custom appeal, this is the added touch.

Color – White is always a safe, timeless look, however closets have come a long way lately with so many options in color, texture and even colored acrylic overlays. The see-through doors are particularly suitable if your closet is more “open” as opposed to behind closed doors all the time.

Islands – An island increases storage while providing “counter space” for folding clothes or a place to put your suitcase when packing.

Trim molding – Trim can add a high end touch that make the custom closet appear like true built in cabinetry.

Lighting – Do you want a chandelier? Recessed lighting? Built ins? The lighting can be both task oriented in that it enables your belongings easily and it can also give the space some “personality.” Keep in mind that electricians may be needed for certain lighting desires.

No matter what you decide is right for your bedroom closet, My Custom Closet can help you design the closet of your dreams! Contact us today to get started.