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Back to school season is right around the corner! For many parents, this begs the question: where do I put all my kids’ stuff? This is the perfect opportunity to install that mudroom you’ve been putting off!

Personalized mudrooms do an amazing job at keeping everyone’s daily routine in check. Car keys, backpacks, shoes – you name it! – all have a place in the mudroom. Plus, by adding a touch of decor, your mudroom can be a beautiful entryway into your home. 

My Custom Closet recently transformed a garage in Collegeville into a cozy, inviting mudroom. The garage was big enough to put a wall up, sectioning off space for the new room. Even before it was complete, this space created a much nicer side entry into the house. 

mudroom organization

One of the most important factors of a mudroom is storage space. For this project, our team installed storage space for practically everything!

We lined a good portion of the mudroom with closets, making the most of all the vertical space. These closets now store a mix of daily-use and outdoorsy items, such as backpacks, keys, picnic ware and grill tools. You can always customize yours to fit whatever you need! 

In addition to closets, we added see-through baskets to store swim towels and other summer goodies, which can be replaced with gloves and mittens during the winter. 

We installed a bench by the doorway, creating the perfect spot to sit and change shoes. Red bench pillows brought a beautiful pop of color to the room. Cabinets were placed above the bench with cubbies below, utilizing as much space as possible. This left a ton of options to store all those shoes! 

There was even space to install an extra freezer. We put in a shelf above the freezer for fruit bowls and Tupperware. 

All in all, there was enough storage to accommodate a family of eight – that’s a pretty incredible use of space! 

For the finishing touch, kitschy vintage accents were placed around the room. Framed vintage wallpaper from the 40’s perfectly complemented the room’s light-blue and red palette. Urban farmhouse designs created a warm atmosphere throughout.

Need help designing the perfect custom mudroom? Our experts at My Custom Closet can give you ideas on how to organize storage space to fit the needs of everyone in the family. Daily routines are about to become a whole lot easier!  

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Custom Mudroom Photos