Laundry Room Organization

Laundry rooms disorganization is a thing of the past with My Custom Closet.

Hangers and detergents are hidden in cabinets. Lined dried items are hung on a rod, which also helps make room for those items that can’t go into the dryer. Sorting is done in convenient slide-out baskets and wide counter tops provide a functional folding space. A swivel mounted ironing board slides away when not being used.

When it comes to laundry room organization, it’s the details that make a smart layout and good storage options.

For example, baskets are an integral part of laundry room efficiency. Canvas-lined with the option to be embroidered, labeled with fabric marker, or adhesive felt letters, baskets are used to sort clothes. More tips:


  • A folding melamine table is handy when counter space is limited – treat and fold clothes on this water and stain-resistant laundry room helper.
  • For soaking tough stains without a sink, fill a beautiful large basin.
  • Lost-and-found bins are handy for those items that get left in pockets or found in the dryer.

Well-Stowed Supplies

  • Most frequently used items such as stain removers can be a challenge with laundry room organization, but not if they are kept neatly on a shelf above the washing machine. Bulky items, such as laundry detergent, are transferred to smaller, easier to handle containers.
  • A mounted ironing board on a wall, cabinet, or back of a door is hassle free.
  • Stain-fighting tips are posted on the inside of a laundry room cabinet door.

Laundry room organization can be a helpful part of your lifestyle with help from My Custom Closet!

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Laundry Room Organization

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