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Kitchen Pantry

The Scene

Tipped up against the Tupperware which falls forward as soon as the door opens are cereal boxes (many half-full) and a wicker basket of grocery bags, granola bars and who knows what else – and are those cleaning supplies along with the flour, sugar and oats?

Looks like it’s time for some kitchen pantry organization.

The Mission

Simplify, simplify, simplify. Limit contents of the pantry to food and paper items only, while making it easier to grab and go at a glance. This is kitchen pantry organization at its best.

The Plan

Purge and organize. Which of these things is not like the other? If it doesn’t belong it goes in the trash or to its appropriate place. Can I get to it? With such deep shelves, sliding shelf organizers improve access. A simple pull on the drawer brings items from the back into clear view. Consolidation. That cereal and other bulky items are poured into see-through bulk plastic containers. Children will love that they can help plan meals now that they can tell what’s in the kitchen pantry.

The Solution

The expanding shelf offers upper and lower deck storage for organizing kitchen items like paper plates, napkins and other paper items that can be stacked unwrapped. The top rows of an over-the-door shoe organizer keep necessary items such as vitamins out of reach for children, but provide easy access for adults. Grocery lists can be made at a glance with the use of clear bins. A frosted plastic bin holds several kids-sized snacks with a lid that snaps, airtight. Pull out drawers make access easy for back of the shelf food stuff.

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