Can’t park your car in the garage? You’re definitely not alone!

Most garages have at one point or another become a storage zone. Some are vaguely sorted into some semblance of organization: a shelf of tools, a few boxes of holiday decorations, a stack of trash cans and compost bins.

Others lack any form of organization, resulting in an ever-growing heap of junk!

Good news: you more than likely have room for everything, it’s simply a matter of rounding up like items. Chances are your garage shelving capacity has not kept pace with the number of items coming into the space. When we “run out” of shelf space, many tools tend to end up in boxes or strewn about the floor. Before long, images of an organized garage becomes a distant memory.

My Custom Closet uses shelving that is highly efficient, taking advantage of all available space. Products like the FreedomRail are durable and adjustable systems that can be added to any garage and customized as your needs change.

We’ll help you get your garage organized so you can park your other investments where they were intended to be!


Garage Organization Samples

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