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Closets come in all shapes and sizes. My Custom Closet has all the tools you need to make any space work for your family!

A family in Green Lane called us for help building a closet under the stairs of their home. The space was actually used as their child’s bedroom closet, and they wanted to come up with a way to fit a study area in the closet to free up space in the rather small bedroom. Since their home was more than 60 years old, space was pretty tight, and they wanted to take advantage of every square inch of the closet.

We played on kids’ natural love of “hiding spaces” to make this closet feel more like a study hideout than a tight room under the stairs. We used every nook to our advantage, fitting shelves and drawers wherever we could.

Building A Closet Under The Stairs In Green Lane

This is the type of closet that most kids dreamed of: small and easy to keep clean, yet the perfect size to become a secret hideaway when you need to escape from the real world (and get some homework done!)

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Green Lane Closet Photos