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We recently helped a family in Bryn Mawr, PA overcome a challenge they were facing. They wanted more shoe storage in their mudroom so we helped them transform it into a custom storage oasis.

The Before

The mudroom had a maple wood colored unit that was supposed to provide storage for shoes, coats, and bags. However, the it had some structural issues that made it unstable and unsafe.

Bryan, the owner and designer of My Custom Closet, decided that it would be best to start all over and create a new custom closet that would be more solid and spacious. He chose a floor based system, which is a type of custom closet that rests on the floor and is attached to the wall. This provides more stability and durability, as well as more custom design options.

The During

We started preparing for the new custom closet by:

  • Removing the old unit
  • Spackling any small holes or marks in the walls
  • Sanding the walls so they would be ready for a fresh coat of paint

After that, we installed the new white melamine unit with multiple shelves, drawers, and hanging rods. The bright color gives the space a clean, crisp look and modernizes the mudroom. Plus: the new shelving will now accommodate up to 50 pairs of shoes!

We also included a custom bench seat that’s short in both length and height. This was an intentional design choice for two reasons:

  • It’s to accommodate a small child who will be using the bench to put their shoes on
  • The door would have hit the bench when it swung open; now they can use this extra space for setting up a dog food station instead of worrying about the bench being hit by the door

The After

Our client was thrilled with the results. They loved how the custom closet transformed their mudroom and gave them more storage and style.

They also appreciated the flexibility and customization of the custom closet. They could add a custom upholstered bench seat cushion and cabinet doors later if they wanted to.

Additionally, the custom closet also solved the problem of the bowed wall, which was noticeable in the old unit. The new floor based system ensures that the custom closet is straight and secure, even if the wall is not.

The gap between the wall and the vertical panel will not be visible once the items are placed in the custom closet. However, if the client wanted to 100% cover it, they could add custom trim molding or cabinet doors. For now, they are just thrilled to be able to have so much more storage!

Ready for Your Makeover?

This project was a great example of how My Custom Closet can help you create a custom closet that suits your needs and style. Whether you need more shoe storage, more hanging space, more drawers, or more shelves, we can design and install a custom closet that will make your life easier and your home more beautiful.

Do you have a room that could use an upgrade like this? Our team can help! Contact My Custom Closet today to get started.