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What makes a home office better than an office at work?

Professionals have mixed emotions regarding working-from-home. Some enjoy spending more time with the family and not having a commute. Others find that they miss the routine and space at the office.

Either way, having a dedicated work area at home is crucial, whether it is due to a pandemic, bad weather, or convenience.

However, there is no standard work-from-home atmosphere or area. Work-from-home spaces may be shared and loud or individual and quiet. Some do-it-yourself home offices are small due to square footage limitations. Other folks have an entire room at their disposal.

Proper, professional organization and design of these work zones are key. My Custom Closet is ready to help you turn your open space into the home office of your dreams.

large home office

Designing a Personalized Home Office Space 

Fortunately, you have much more control of your home workspace compared to your area at work. You can decorate the way you like, all the way down to picking out new rugs, wall paint colors, desks, and other essentials. Hopefully, you can even work right by a window and bathe in some sunlight!

The extra vertical space is another advantage of your home office design. The vertical addition, such as the use of a wall, frees up desk space. This helps to be more clutter-free, productive, and focused. Even if you don’t have an entire room for a home office, you most likely have the vertical space that can be utilized in an attractive, yet efficient way.

Home office spaces have been getting more of our time than any other room in the house. Our team has outfitted many home spaces to help client’s carve out a new work-from-home zone. With dedicated shelving, drawers, and cabinets designed with an array of finishes, your home office will be a place you enjoy working.

Before Fall/Winter kicks into gear, take a few moments to analyze the spaces in your house. If a better home office will allow you to be more productive and happier when working from home, it is worth contacting My Custom Closet for professional advice.

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