6 Creative Boot Storage Solutions

The weather in Montgomery County is finally starting to cool down! The transition from Fall to Winter always means its time to bring out the heavier clothing from storage.

Amongst the cold weather gear are boots, which are often found piling up by the door or cluttering the closet floor. Popular styles of boots are tall and heavy, making them difficult to store on the average shoe rack. Luckily, there are options to keep your boots neatly organized!

My Custom Closet has previously designed shoe storage solutions. In the pictures below, custom shelf dimensions create a clearly defined area to keep shoes off the floor and blends with the organization style of the closet.

Here are 6 custom and creative solutions to keep your boots as neat as possible this winter:

1. Clear Out The Summer Shoes

To start your shoe organization journey, store summer shoes and sandals in a labeled bin or clear container to make room for the winter ones. This will make them easy to see when its time switch them back or if you’re packing for a vacation. If you are tight on space, move them to another storage area in the house or under the bed. 

2. Add Support For Certain Shoes 

Fashion Boots should have support so they don’t flop over and take up valuable real estate in your closet or home entry space. If you want to take the DIY route, roll magazines and or use old plastic water bottles to support the boot’s silhouette. If displaying the boots on a custom closet rack, there are many speciality boot shaper products on Amazon that will keep the boots standing up straight. For hanging closet space, use sturdy closet rods and boot clips to hold them in place and off the floor.

3. Rain and Snow Boots

Boots that get the most outside wear, such as rain and snow boots, should be placed on racks or on boot mats with drainage. Proper ventilation is key to keeping water and mud off your floors and allowing the boots to dry.

4. Custom Cubbies

Install custom-built cubbies for boots. Tall and narrow spaces are best to keep the boots corralled, supported and visually tidy. Store boots at the bottom of the closet rather than near the top. Proper custom closet design will have larger, taller cubbies at the bottom and smaller ones as you go up in height of the closet.

5. If More Space Is Needed

Utilize your garage, particularly for outdoor boots. Garage boot and shoe shelves can come in handy and keep your entry space clean and tidy.

6. Keep Accessories Nearby

Keep boot care products close by the boot storage area. The following products can be stored in a bin or basket:

  • Leather Lotion
  • Rubber boot shine spray
  • Suede waterproofing spray
  • Mink Oil
  • Buffing brush
  • Hard Bristle brush for dirt/mud
  • Spray Bottle with water
  • Suede Brush
  • Soft Cloths
  • Shoe and boot polish of various colors
  • Boot Socks – Separate out the fashion boot socks and the outdoor, sportsman-like socks
  • A box of toe warmer packs near the outdoor, rugged boot zone.

Set up the perfect boot storage solution in your closet. Contact My Custom Closet to get started!

My Custom Closet Storing Boots 3