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This elegant home in Malvern was in need of proper closet storage that suits the requirements of today’s lifestyle. When the owners called My Custom Closet, our experts knew exactly how to install the closet space they needed.

The 8,000 sq. ft house had an extra bedroom that was repurposed along with the adjoining room to create a proper walk-in closet and master bathroom. The room was beautiful but lacked the space needed to store wardrobe items and more. 

Our team customized and installed additional closet storage space along the walls of the walk-in closet. To make the most of the space, custom top shelving was added to the closets – a great way to store bags! More compact shelves were installed along the walls to house smaller items like shoes, which is a plus for every walk-in closet.  

Walk-in closet installation - adding custom closet storage

Islands are another perfect way to add both a centerpiece and storage space to your closet. It brings in that extra ‘wow’ factor that people love. This room had particularly low ceiling height, but that was no match for our team! We installed a more compact island and proportioned it correctly in relation to the closet space. 

My Custom Closet brought this special walk-in closet to life by adding custom closet storage space and a compact island. Once the project was complete, our clients could enjoy all the extra storage space they needed! 

Considering adding custom closet storage to your space? Let My Custom Closet help you build your dream closet!   

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Custom Closet Storage Photos