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Dreaming of a Fuss-Free Closet that Looks Permanently Staged?

Congratulations on acquiring your very own custom closet! This new space marks a fresh beginning for you. With an array of shelves, rods, drawers, and cabinetry at your disposal, it’s time to embark on an exciting journey of organization.

Once your newly customized installations are complete, it’s only natural to desire a visually appealing space from now on. But achieving a permanently “staged” look is only possible with some effort. Here are 4 suggestions to enhance your enjoyment of the new space and ensure a well-organized environment.

4 Ways to Keep Your Closet Fuss-Free and Looking Permanently Staged

#1. Less = More

Closet spaces are visually attractive when they’re not stuffed or cluttered. Using decorative bins and containers can help with this.

Before sorting your belongings into bins, ensure that you have eliminated a substantial amount to create a significant impact. Separate your existing items into distinct piles: those that will remain in the closet and those that will be removed. As a guideline, aim to box up, sell, or donate at least 50% of the items originally crammed into your closet.

#2: Intentional Space

There are 3 key areas where you should get intentional about open space:

  1. Your linen closets – Boast ample open space above each stack of towels and sheets.
  2. The shelves of your clothing closet – avoid cramming folded clothes together as it creates a crowded appearance.
  3. The hanging area of your clothing closet – Hanging clothes should have at least 1 inch of breathing room between hangers to create the illusion of space. Furthermore, make sure you can see the back wall of the closet when looking inside.
  4. Floors – Keep your closet floors clear of any shoes, bags, or crumpled clothes to achieve a visually uncluttered look.

For example, we installed this custom closet on the left for one of our local clients. They did an incredible job organizing their space and we’re grateful they captured it and shared photos with us!

#3: Storing Seasonal Items Elsewhere

Store seasonal items, like sandals, boots, or coats, in a dry area of your basement or attic. Opt for clear bins to house these items as it can help you identify where everything is when the seasons transition.

#4: Stage Your Closet Consistently

There are 2 key elements to keep in mind when staging your closet: color and order.


  • Color coordinate your clothes so all items of the same shade are grouped together. This will make it easy to build an outfit and reorganize when putting laundry away.
  • Use the same type of hangers all throughout your closet. Consider opting for these black velvet hangers from Target as they’re chic and non-slip!


  • Opt for a sturdy, leveled, horizontal shoe rack to elevate your shoes off the floor and effortlessly select the desired pair for any occasion.
  • Ensure uniformity by placing all hangers in the same direction. This simple practice facilitates easy item removal and organization as everything faces the same consistent direction.

Setting Up Your Own Staged Closet

There is something so satisfying about opening up a freshly organized space. This is especially the case when you put effort into making things match and coordinate.

Maximize the impact of your closet by intentionally leaving “blank space”. That way you can enjoy a clutter free zone every time you look in your closet.

If you find yourself uncertain about where to begin, consider investing in a custom closet as your ultimate organizational solution. Contact My Custom Closet today and let us assist you in selecting the ideal custom organization unit tailored to meet your specific needs.