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Looking for a way to simplify your life? Here are 3 ways you can get rid of the clutter (both physical and mental!)

1. Make A List

Lists are inspiring, motivating, and make everything you need to accomplish seem more “doable.” Find a great list online, or create your own list and become active with your goals. It is always satisfying to cross off each goal as you accomplish it.

2. Try The KonMari Method

The latest trend has hit the world hard, and countless people are decluttering after learning about the KonMari Method.

In Marie Kondo’s books, Spark Joy and The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying, she describes a very unique approach to getting rid of things you don’t need and organizing everything in your home that sparks joy.

You can also catch her new hit Netflix series before testing the KonMari method out for yourself.

3. Set Your Closet Space Up For Success

With properly designed closets, you can make the best use of the storage space in your home.

Efficient storage spaces are essential, especially if you hope to apply the KonMari Method. Customizing your closets essentially creates the compartmentalized spaces for each item you need to store. You will have already equipped your space with a built-in version of the KonMari shoebox system.

Take a look at some of these beautifully arranged closets, designed by My Custom Closet to give the users perfectly designated storage space for all of the things that spark joy.

Marie Kondo’s approach is likely to continue as an influential trend as Americans find comfort in her teachings.

“What we’re seeing reflected in what she’s saying is we can’t control the big things like the government shutdown or markets,” says Wendy Liebmann, Chief Executive Officer of WSL Strategic Retail. “But we can control the little things – where we buy, what we buy, and how chaotic our life is.”

Ready to simplify your life? Contact My Custom Closet to get a custom closet design that will help keep you organized and clutter-free!