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We’ve noticed a few trends in closet and home storage throughout 2020. The installation projects we’ve worked on this year have confirmed some common themes and functions that homeowners are looking for.

One common trend we’ve found is that families want to build up their living spaces to accommodate for more time spent working from home. Therefore, working and studying from home requires properly organized productivity “zones” and plenty of shelving for food storage. The pantry and study areas are currently the most popular upgrades clients are requesting.

Our team at My Custom Closet recently gave this Gladwyn family home the upgrades needed to accommodate for this new lifestyle.

First, our team entered the master closet that was once filled with original wire structures. We gutted the closet and built custom shelving and clothes racks that are perfect for this working family.

With the master bedroom closet refined, our team moved on to create an appropriate study workstation for the three kids of the family. We provided this home with custom cabinets mounted on the wall above sleek desks in addition to cabinets below the desk countertop. Now the kids have a perfect station for classes and games with open counter space and plenty of storage.

Lastly, the home kitchen is now actively and consistently providing lunch for both students and workers. This Gladwyn family longed for a kitchen pantry that was functional for this lifestyle change and the impending winter season. Our team added beautiful new shelving to the kitchen pantry, customized to meet the family’s needs.

This Gladwyn renovation exemplifies the evolution of this year’s home makeover trends. Let’s take a look back with a recap about how this year went for closets, walls, and other home improvements, as well as our predictions for the end of 2020: 

April: Let’s Go Virtual!

People were staring at their walls and closet spaces, daydreaming, and desiring to apply ideas and design a Pinterest-inspired closet. Thus, the Virtual Closet Consultation was born, to get a jump start on a custom-designed closet solution without first needing to meet in person.

May & June: Updating Clothing Storage

Bedroom closet upgrades were the first big trend after the March shutdown. The first huge request when the Pennsylvania government gave the “go ahead” to begin projects were master bedroom closets, kid closets, and coat closets.

The stay-at-home orders in March and April gave people time to purge their closets. This led to excitement regarding upgrades to closet designs and elements needed to make for a more efficient, aesthetically pleasing closet. As a result, used furniture and clothing stores were inundated with dressers and clothes that folks did not need anymore.

Still looking for inspiration to declutter what you don’t need from your closet? Check out our post on 3 ways to get rid of the clutter.

September & October: Working and Learning From Home

At this point in the year, work, school, and college all continue to be conducted virtually at home. Suddenly, there was a huge demand for home workspaces. Even finding nice desks online was even growing in difficulty. This trend will most likely continue in 2021. 

Custom workspaces allow for the most efficient use of your rooms at home. Click here for some of our favorite ways to create an organized virtual workspace.

Below is an example of in-home office storage space that have been designed and installed by My Custom Closet. The closet was redesigned into an open concept, and the extra space allowed room for a desk. Contact My Custom Closet to design your customized solution for an attractive, functional workstation in your home.

November & December: Our Predictions

The home improvement trend we predict for the final months of 2020 are entertainment units and basement storage.

As the weather starts to change, we are now circling back to the beginning. This means stocking up on toilet paper, paper towels, sanitizers, and disinfectants. Canned and dry goods are in need of storage.

In addition, electronic sales, game systems, and TV sales are continuing to rise. U.S. consumer spending on video games is projected to reach $13.4 billion – a record high for the holiday season.

Knowing the entertainment systems will be enjoyed from the comfort of our own homes, closet designers will be creating storage and units to house big screens and consoles. Even if you don’t use electronics often, a closet space for family board games and toys to entertain the little ones a perfect plan to keep your living area orderly and simplified.

What will 2021 look like for home improvements? Here we come! Our team at My Custom Closet is ready to assist with your next project. Expecting lots of snow this winter? From mudrooms to laundry rooms, we have the tools you need!

Click here to contact My Custom Closet and get started on your 2020 closet project.