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Over the holidays, many of us received enough new clothes, accessories, and tools to require a brand new closet or redesigned garage. With the latest closet trends, this dream can become a reality!

Popular Materials

My Custom Closet has seen a spike in requests for grey, textured materials in custom closet designs. Take a look at this gorgeous closet we finished for a homeowner in Villanova. It even has a hidden ironing board tucked away in a custom drawer!

We’ve also received lots of requests for glass shelves and framed glass. Having an enclosed glass space to store your most stunning accessories really adds a bit of unique flair to any custom closet design.

Mirrored doors are also all the rage. How convenient would it be to choose your outfit from an array of convenient shelves, racks, and drawers, then model your outfit of the day in a mirror right there in your closet?

Light It Up

What’s the point in having a gorgeous new closet if you can’t see what you’re doing in it? Chandeliers, recessed lighting, lighted shelves – they could be a great fit for your updated closet. My Custom Closet can add these elements to your custom design and an electrician can easily install them.

How To Maximize Closet Storage Space - Malvern closet

Custom Pantry Trends

Pantries seem to be a very popular request from My Custom Closet’s clients. Perhaps it was all that holiday baking that reminded everyone of the need for a well-organized space!

As people begin to spend more and more time in the kitchen and less time going out for meals, it’s important to have a pantry that suits your needs.

We can customize any space, from a spare linen closet to an unused mudroom. We can even convert an entire spare bedroom into the pantry of your dreams!

Pantry shelves can even be built around existing appliances. Add shelves above a refrigerator. Create a divided space with a food pantry along one wall and laundry machines and materials on the other. The possibilities are endless.

Custom Garage Trends

Don’t forget about your garage!

The garage is one of the most difficult spaces to keep organized. Tools and appliances come in all shapes and sizes, which makes it difficult to find the perfect storage solutions for them.

Even if you’ve found a way to keep all of your tools conveniently stored in your garage, many times this leaves no room for your beloved cars. What’s the point in having a garage if you can’t store your car in there?

My Custom Closet uses highly efficient, adjustable shelving solutions like freedomRail, which are durable and offer the ability to modify your storage space as needed.

Whether you’re looking for the space to pick a few tools up off the ground, or need to organize an entire garage filled with junk, let My Custom Closet provide the garage storage solutions you need!

Get Organized Today

Why wait a moment longer? From your bedroom to your kitchen, to your outdoor storage space, My Custom Closet has the solutions you need to get organized today! Take advantage of the latest in storage and custom closet trends right now. You deserve it.

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